I Love Homeopathy                      

By Maureen Shepard, retired homeopath

Maureen Shepard, CCH

As much as I love Homeopathy, I love retirement too

Thanks to all my clients who shared the joy of homeopathy with me. And thanks to my teachers and colleagues for your support.


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Healing Adoption Trauma

Adults may see adoption as a blessing, but for the children it is often a deep wound. When we see young children in our practices that have been adopted, those who are acting out, or are unusually withdrawn, one thing to consider is what they felt in-vitro. Were they feeling the stress of an unwanted pregnancy? Was there talk between the parents of terminating the pregnancy? When prescribing for these children consideration should be given to the in-vitro effects of being unwanted, or even having their existence threatened.   more ...

Homeopathic Medicine Pouch

I’m often asked “What homeopathic remedies should I have on hand for my family’s first aid and acute care needs?” I carry a small pouch that contains tiny bottles of basic remedies that I use to help people around me, sometimes complete strangers, as the need occurs.Just 2-3 pellets of the remedy dropped onto the tongue is a single dose. Here are some of the remedies in my pouch that could also be used as a beginning home care kit.
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Receptive Homeopathy

Homeopathy opens a door, and the individual makes a choice – to walk through the door or not. Not everyone wants the responsibility of being healed. When the individual chooses health and walks through the door, it is their choice and their aspiration that bring change.  Homeopathy is a receptive healing system. It does not impose, it does not choose. Homeopathy respects the free will of the individual. In this respect, homeopathy aligns with the laws of Universal Love that allow each entity freedom of choice.