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Afraid to leave home because of discolored skin? Dr. Tan explains Melasma treatment  Skin
11 Apr, 2019
Smooth, acne-free skin is touted as the ideal condition for a beautiful face, but acne is not the only hurdle to overcome to achieve healthy skin. Another sign of unhealthy skin is dark spots and...
Best Laser Hair Removal in Singapore - Advice From A Doctor Skin
11 Feb, 2019
Excessive hair can affect everything from the clothes we wear to the activities we pursue. Most people faced with excessive hair growth have tried a few of the most common approaches, either at home...
Doctor Explains Laser Tattoo Removal in Singapore Works Skin
03 Mar, 2019
Tattoos are cool…until they aren’t. They say something important about our personalities, relationships, and beliefs…until they don’t. For many people, tattoos are badges of honor; for many others,...
Does freckle removal have side-effects? A Singapore doctor explains Skin
11 Apr, 2019
People are not born with freckles, but those living in tropical areas such as Singapore are likely to develop them if they are often exposing their skin to the UV radiation of the sun. These often...
How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars - A Singapore Doctor’s Opinion Skin
27 Feb, 2019
Most people go through years of struggle with acne. While some adults wrestle with the problem into middle age, acne leaves nearly everyone past the age of 20 at least a few little reminders that it...
Mole Removal in Singapore Can Be Dangerous - Aesthetic Doctor Reveals Skin
07 Jan, 2019
Moles, those ubiquitous dark spots, are so common that we often ignore them, especially when they appear on our backs, upper arms, or other areas commonly hidden by clothing. When they become too...